Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Faith in everything

I know when I am stressed out I have lost my Faith

Things were very stressful for me for the past few months. I started a new job the next day my job at the school ended, and I started a business. My new job is my stepping stone to get to where I want to be so I can have a career and be able to pay for my children's college when the time comes. Things got a little out of hand with school and the new job. I was covering someone else's hours as well as mine and missed an assignment and normally I would stress it and allow it to ruin my day but there was nothing I could do about it as it was over with. All I could do was make up the work.

We were faced with a decision recently and we tried to jump on it but I don't think Faith wants us to follow through with the decision. It made us depressed because it was what we had been longing for but it wasn't panning out. We know when the time is right everything works in our favors.

The new business is something I had wanted to do but allowed fear to lead me away from it. I decided a few months ago to make a decision to begin my business. The first month was a little hairy but it all worked out and it is successful at the moment. Then as the next month begins I am getting stressed that it isn't going to pan out.....and you know what I am okay with that because I need to make sure I allow Faith to lead my life and not my life lead faith. Recently a friend of mine posted something to my Facebook wall and it was inspiring and made me realize I had yet again allowed my life to lead faith and that is why I have been stressed.

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The info to my new business is I am now a fitness motivator......soon to be a certified instructor.....however in the meantime I run free online fitness challenges with an incentive to win.
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