Friday, January 10, 2014

School has officially begun

Ugh there is a love hate relationship with school. I love being in school, learning, reading, and getting into discussions with others about criminal justice topics. On the flip side I hate the pressure of school. I don't like feeling like I am behind, that I haven't done everything correct, and research papers. I despise research papers that have a requirement to it. For instance I started at SNHU and the research requirement is to pick a topic around justice studies that impacts contemporary society. Huh?

The first topic I thought about was the Criminal Justice system but that is far to broad thankfully someone had posted about doing their paper about the 4th Amendment and I thought about doing mine on the 2nd Amendment but I don't want to give Adam Lanza any credit in my paper (piece of crap person) so I looked at further assignments and noticed that we will have a discussion on Legalizing Marijuana so I decided that was going to be my paper. This paper will be much different from any other paper I have written because it has to stick to federal/state statues, regulations, constitution requirements, and etc. Last year at Post University I wrote the most interesting paper about Asian Organized Crime. I got a 96 on that paper.

The best thing so far from what I have seen in the syllabus is there is no QUIZZES!!! Just a whole bunch of papers :( since its my grad degree I have to write longer papers. My first week I had short papers that were due, one thing I dislike about writing a paper is the introduction. I spend more time on the introduction than any other part of my paper. One thing I have learned is I need to do the cartwheel method to setting up my papers so that I am not grasping at things to write. I was ahead of the first week, I had all my reading done, discussions, and papers finished before class officially started. I wanted to do the same for next week which I will start my reading tomorrow.

One thing that I am anxious and excited for is to begin the internship. I get sworn in next week and I am anxious because I don't know what to expect. I already have the internship but this is something I have never done so I don't know what to expect. I just want to start the internship to get rid of my nerves.

This year is starting off to a great start despite others trying to continue their bs (as always). I just don't understand why people feel the need to continue to start crap whenever they feel like it. All I ever want is to live a peaceful life and not be bothered by other peoples crap. Another thing is I am so sick and tired of hearing people bitch day in and day out. They act like they know everything about about everything and no matter what you say they believe your wrong. Just because my thoughts and ideas are different doesn't mean that I am wrong and they are right, it just means my views differ from theirs. Honestly most think I am confrontational but really I'd rather not get into any drama unless they are doing something wrong to me or my family or friends, or I am just sick of hearing them and I will say something and put people in their place because I just can't listen to them anymore, and if that means I have no friends then so be it. So there is my rant for the day lol.

~Happy reading~

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