Friday, January 17, 2014

feeling like I was drowning in homework

It is only the second week!!
There should be any reason for this feeling it is usually in month 3 where I feel like this. Masters is much different than my undergrad. My masters is full of papers! What the heck is up with that.

I had to message my friend Kristin to ask her for advice on how she managed doing her masters, working, and trying to get her homework done on time. Her advice was time management, late nights, and just sucking it up and plow through it. Then my friend Julie asked how I was doing and she was given the same response and her advice was just as positive as Kristin's saying that I just need to realize that I will make it though and it will only be crazy like this for only a few weeks and I will be fine.

Thank goodness for my husband because without him our household would fall apart. It hasn't been cleaned in over a week but I can't stress about something like that when I can also have the kids help with that problem. The kids have been more accepting about going to Jeremiah for anything that they need. However with that said the only thing he needs to work on is cooking. His cooking stinks but maybe with some practice he will make it through. The kids can start helping him with that too.

My biggest problem is I like to have all of my homework done before Wednesday each week that way I can finish the discussions and start on the followings weeks homework or any research paper that is due. So on Tuesday when I spent about 2 hours on the introduction I was getting frustrated. The biggest issue was that I found out a position opened up with the Federal Probation office that I am interning for. I was so excited since I would finish my internship and hopefully get into a real position. There was a funny requirement that I wasn't sure how I could obtain, so yesterday at my swearing in ceremony I asked and found out that I have to intern for quite some time to gain the experience needed. Well that put a damper in my mood but at the same time it is for the best because I don't think I am ready for all of that. I want to be done with school when I start my career and if I have to wait another year then so be it as I will be finishing up my Masters.

This weekend is going to be full of starting my research paper and starting the reading for next week since I will have about 6 chapters to read. The great thing about my kids dads is that they are in their lives. I couldn't imagine what it would be like if their dads weren't. With the kids going to their fathers it helps me to get everything done with homework and have the "me" time that I need also.

I am beyond grateful for everyone who is cheering me on to get through this. I am grateful for my kids who understand that I have to get homework done. I am mostly grateful for my husband who is understanding to my needs and understanding of my mood swings that cause me to go crazy for a bit of time.

~Happy reading~

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