Sunday, April 20, 2014

Everyone has that one type of friend

I love all of my friends that are in my life

One particular person in my life has been there for me for the past 6 years

I would call on her and talk to her about any argument I have with the hubby

And would you know she has never and I mean never taken my side on the arguments

She always tells me I am in the wrong and why I am in the wrong

And once I look back on the argument I find I am in the wrong 95% of the time

Our relationship is sort of funny because the way we connected was because I ruined and I mean ruined my hair and when I walked into work she demand I came to her house because she needed to fix it

It took over a year to fix the mess I called hair

Most people go to their hair stylist and tell them what they want and the stylist does as the client wants......not mine......mine tells me flat out no and does something else that I love more than my ideas

There have been times where I have convinced her to chop my hair and as soon as it happens no sooner do I leave I inform her to never....never...let me do that again

She protects my hair from myself

Happy Birthday to my therapist, financial advisor, hair stylist, relationship counselor, and one very very dear friend of mine

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