Friday, April 11, 2014

A little bit of change each day is okay

Life is full of obstacles and either you can choose to hurdle or you can stand there

I choose to hurdle as much as I need to get to where I want to be and once I am there I will continue to make new goals

There are many times when I just feel like stopping and not wanting to do any more hurdles because I feel like I have done enough however after reading this book called the Sight Edge I am learning I will never stop jumping the hoops because I will never be satisfied until I have completed my goals

I thought that once I would get to my career I would be done but then I realized I have life goals and I know each goal I make there will be challenges

I always thought I wasn't never the competitive type yet in reality the competition is myself and life

I know I am not at my goal weight and I know my poor diet choices are getting in the way however I have learned.....again thanks to the Slight is okay for those slip ups I just need to work twice as hard and not beat myself up

Lately I have been getting frustrated because I am writing more papers than I ever have in my undergrad but I can't continue to bitch about it I have to accept the challenge and push through while maintaining my goals

I am learning that I can't continue to allow others to defeat our purpose or bog us down with their problems anymore

Jeremiah and I can't continue to take everyone else's problems and try to fix it for them....

Our problems have never been just fixed by other people because when we are in trouble we fix the issue ourselves and sorry to say but other people need to grow up and accept their life challenge and handle it on their own without the help from us

Yes I have screwed up many times in my life and I have owned up to it
I am not perfect......far from it
I screw up my finances from time to time and yes Jeremiah has to bail me out however we are husband and wife and when we have money troubles we handle them we don't go running to someone else to bail us out
I know recently I have taken on more than I can chew but in the end I know it will work itself out

For the past week I have had a sinus thing going on which kept me from working out daily and at first I was beating myself up for it and thought if I just pushed through the infection I would be alright however one day when I tried I became lightheaded and felt so weak and that was when I realized I can't just push through there are just some illnesses that require rest and I have learned from the Slight Edge it is okay to accept change

At the end of the day I can lay down knowing I have done everything in my power for the day

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