Hi Everyone, I'm Ace

                        Let's see what can I tell you about me.....

Well one thing I can tell you is that I am the most uncreative person on the face of this Earth (self-proclaimed). I have two different sides to me. One end I love to wear jeans, tee-shirt, and sneakers well weather permitted lol. Then there is this secretly hidden part of me that actually likes to dress up of coarse it depends on the occasion and if I am feeling fat bahaha. I love to workout with Insanity and of coarse that is time permitted too. See my life is very chaotic at this point. 

I am nearing the end of my bachelors degree Yeah Buddy!!!! My goal is to get into probation or parole by June 2013. I currently work full time at a public school and I enjoy it. Really I do. I love to work, when I was laid off for the summer I thought I would go crazy not having a job, but we got season tickets to Six Flags to pass the time. It worked out great my kids loved it! 

Yes I have 2 children and they are wonderful kids.  My daughter is the oldest who is almost as tall as me and she's only 11. My son is the one who gives me gray hairs all because he is just a boy lol. They are your typical siblings who can't be around each other without fighting but can't stay away from one another either. They do great in school. My daughter is the dancer and my son is the sports player. 

Then there is the cuddle buddy. We have been together for 6 years and he is "The One" lol. Yes it took me 2 children to find him but Faith has a funny way of doing things. We are your typical odd couple and even after 6 years we still cuddle every night. It works because he just gets me. He understands my controlling antics and puts me in check when I get out of control with it. No I don't mean he beats me, he just will tell me when I need to get it together. We have 2 children together and their names are Duke & Phoenix. Yes they may have 4 legs and fur but they are our babies. We adopted him from down south and he is the best baby we could ask for. We also have 2 cats whom are our little babies but they don't cuddle well lol. 

So that's the just of me and my crazy chic antics
                                                                                       ~Peace Out~

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