The Boy

My favorite son in the world!
It doesn't matter that he is my only son but he loves it when I tell him he is my favorite son.
I was enormous carrying him. I was 2 days over due and was being induced with him. I was so happy that they didn't force me to wait as long as I did with Lexi. I made damn sure that I got that epidural in time, I was not going without anything this time around. The worst things was I couldn't eat, so I got the enjoyment of watching his father eat all day long. Finally that time came and my doctor wasn't around! WTF! I needed to get this kid out and I had no problem doing it on my own. Well obviously my doctor comes in and 3 pushes little big guy was born at 4:28 pm weighing in at 8lbs and 0 oz. He had a big head lol.
I really thought that having a second child would be easy but I was horribly wrong since when he came out I started bleeding out and they were concerned with him as well.
After the doctor took care of me they explained to Logan's dad and I that he was having trouble keeping his heat in and needed to remain under these blue lights for a bit. 3 hours later we are finally able to hold him and feed him a bottle, however he the nurses wrapped him up in 3 blankets.
Oh that first night and the next 9 months were horrible. Logan was throwing up nonstop. Every time I would burp him he would projectile vomit. I had to ask the nurses over and over to come in and give me new blankets and clothing for him. They were not happy and had the nerve to ask if I wanted them to take him into the nursery. Are you nutz!
Well his pediatrician visited the next day and changed his formula.
He then develops eczema which is extreme dry skin but it cracks and bleeds. His developed in the creases of his arms and legs. His doctor informed us that he has a milk allergy which is associated with acid reflux.
Back then they didn't test for acid reflux on babies. Now they will give babies acid reflux medicine.
Logan even with his allergy was always smiling and throwing up lol. Lexi loved him.
He was a little corky kid, never liked getting his hands dirty, wouldn't take off his shoes, and would not take off his sweatshirt. I always wondered if it was associated with him not being able to hold in his heat.
His first birthday he cried! Didn't like the cake on his fingers.
9 years later he is such a character and turning into a fine young man.

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