Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Facebook friend request

Facebook friend requesting is similar to dating. You need know if you've given it enough time before you send that request. 
How much time should you wait before sending that request for someone you just met? 
Should you be the one to send that request?
Once you send the request and they accept you how much time should you give before you start Facebook stalking them?

I often get request from people that I just met but I usually deny them. Don't judge me!
I don't usually friend request someone unless I have hung out with them several times and will continue to hang out with them. 

With that said people often get offended because I haven't friend requested them but at the same time they have not friend requested me. 

I use to be a facebookaholic until I got bored of it. I still go on every day just to keep up with the daily drama or post pics from my outings. I learned very quickly that when your "friends" break up with someone and blast it on fb don't say anything!!! Nada!! Because the very next day you'll see that they're back together as if nothing happened and now you look like the idiot. The break-up and get back together crap continues over and over. Just like blasting their horrible relationship all over fb and then the next day he's the perfect bf. I don't get that. I don't air my dirty laundry out on fb and if there is something wrong with my relationship it doesn't belong on fb. Again that's just me. 

~Peace Out~

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