Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Wedding Countdown

 I have been planning our wedding for quite some time now.  There has been times where I wasn't sure if getting married was a good idea. I have been with Jeremiah for almost 7 years and we have one 4 legged baby together but its different when marriage gets involved. Getting married doesn't change us really it just means its a documented relationship. However with that said I can't wait to call him my husband!!!

This wedding planning was stressful. Everyone told me it was going to be but come on how hard could it be? I have was full time to student, while working a full time job,  having two children, and taking care of the household. Well it was difficult and I lost track of what I wanted and who this wedding was for. When it came time to mail out the invitations I was more stressed out than ever before.

Then came more anxiety and confusion as I wasn't sure if the avenue we were taking was the correct one. I should say that we are very simple people and I wanted a very simple wedding however he wanted to do the traditional sit down. The place we choose was perfect in the fact that it wasn't over the top and was affordable. Now with that said came several issues with getting our contract, trying to get a meeting with the chef, and talking to the bar tender. I should have realized from the beginning when I had to hound them for the contract. I then started thinking of the amount we were spending and what were we getting out of it? After all would be said and done 10G later all we would walk away with is pictures. Then came the crying, depression, anxiety, and the eating (Im a stress eater). Then came one of my friends getting a new toy and that just put the cherry on the icing. I was beyond mad. I was mothereffin her from here to Sunday.

So what does a reasonable bride do? Say fuck it and change the whole thing!

That is exactly what we did and since that decision the rain lifted and the sun came out literally. That was another stresser was that Jeremiah is a roofer and with all the rain we were getting he wasn't working which meant that he wasn't going to have his half of the wedding money.

Once we switched it the stress lifted off both of us and we went with my original plan. Most who know us know that we aren't flashy people and why would we for one day act as if we were flashy? Weddings are suppose to be about the couple not to put on a show for those who attend.

Oh and I got myself a gift since we switched it  :)

A little off topic but
Based on marriage which is between man and woman the divorce rate is over half. So why is it said that those who's sexual preference is for the same sex is going to demean marriage? When we straight people can't keep out shit together? Those "Gays" who have life partners have been together longer than most marriages last.

Oh and now the Catholic Pope has said that he will hire any priest regardless of their sexual preference. Someone who is suppose to follow the Bible to  T has now stated that sexual preference is now negate. Amazing!

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