Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My crazy life

I have been spending more time on homework than I have ever before.

I spent my entire weekend doing homework, including on Super Bowl Sunday. I don't like feeling like I have homework hanging over my head.

I have been stressed out to the max over homework. I spent the weekend writing a paper, since Monday was a snow day I was determined to plow through my last 6 pages to get that paper out of the way. All I have left is to proof read my paper.....or I can have the hubby read it for me.

Speaking of my favorite hubby he makes me breakfast for me every morning and if I am running late he will make my lunch. He still can't make dinner to save his life lol but at least he tries. He knows that when I am stressed out over school he will do everything in his power to alleviate the stress that I am under. If kids need to be picked up from school, Lexi needs to be taken to dance, or help with homework, Jeremiah is there to assist.

The one thing that I love about our relationship is that he is there for me when I am stressed out because of homework. There are time where we argue because I am stressed out but the best thing about our relationship is how we get over the argument. We are able to get past our argument quickly after the issue. One thing we don't argue about is money, however one thing that we always argue about is politics. I don't like arguing about politics because everyone has their opinion on the matter and no matter what you say they will uphold that opinion. So when the news is on and he starts yelling at the television I change the channel to VH1, since everyone loves music it makes the morning run smoothly and is calmer.

I freaking love Jeremiah. He completes me. Without him I would be lost, he is my soul mate and I am glad to have him in mine and the kids life.

7 years of love & almost 6 months of marriage

4-Ever & Always

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