Thursday, February 21, 2013

Well the time is almost near......

This is a bitter sweat feeling......
I am done with school a week ahead of schedule. All I have to do is turn in my paper and that's all folks lol.
I have been plugging away at my BS in CJ for 18 months. No Summer vacation just school. Now what do I do?
I am not sure what it is like to not have to worry about getting all of my school work done for the week.
I love being in school as funny as it sound but when I am not doing school work I feel like I am getting dumber by the minute.
I would always start the semester ahead of schedule, always had my homework done by Wednesday's, and wait until the last minute to bang out ridiculous amount of pages for papers. That was my specialty. Last semester I finished a 22 page paper in 2 days and yes I got a good grade on it.
So what's next?????
Well I am going to take a break from school and then get ready to work on my Masters in Drug and Alcohol Counseling. I want to be a Probation officer and by golly that is what I will do.

So now I guess I have more time to read actually books again rather than school books and playing Candy Crush (which I loth) in my spare time.

Well now off to spend some QT time with my hubby :)

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