Monday, February 4, 2013

Zumba Zumba Zumba

I know I am sounding annoying when I talk all this nonsense about Zumba but let me just tell you how much I am digging it!

Totally digging it!!

I tried a class once but I felt like a total fish out of water and looked like a fool. So I stuck to what I knew..Insanity. I have talked about it before and it is a magnificent program that does work if you stick with it and it had worked for me. I watched it tone up my spare tire (my extra luv handles). I was losing weight until I decided that I would rather have the extra helping at dinner or the Elmer Fudge cookies were much better for me than carrots. Seemed logical right...Yeah don't we all wish. Shoot I can't even think of candy anymore without gaining 5 pounds on my ass.

So as I was finishing my 3 round of Insanity I caught an infomercial and seen this Zumba Exhilarate DVD set. So I said what the heck I'll give it a shot...Am I ever glad I did!!! I sweat more doing Zumba than Insanity and I have way more fun doing Zumba than Insanity. Insanity made me push myself to the max which made me feel powerful and then when it was nice out after the workout I would go for a mile run just to give myself that extra bit.

With Zumba it is making me feel happy, sexy, and it is fun. I am sure if someone was watching I sure wouldn't look sexy lol. I love to dance and shake my ass! Yes I may be white girl but I can shake it bahaha. This girl knows how to have a good time and still be classy.

I am so stoked to have 1 month left of school and I will be done! Yeah Buddy!! :)
I have worked my ass off for this and hopefully I will apply this degree as my last degree I didn't apply it to the work force.

Every day that passes seems like it is passing quicker than the last. Not sure what the deal is with that except that I am excited for spring. I am a little depressed that I didn't go boarding once this season but I can't stand barding on just man made snow without a nice base of real snow. See here is the thing I have mastered the art of falling....a..lot.. so I need the ground to be forgiving and with just a 2" base isn't going to protect my previously broken and bruised tailbone. So here is to Spring and Summer to warm my skin and make me smile.

There is one thing that is totally amazing to witness every morning (that isn't raining).... is the sun rise. My work has such a beautiful view of the sun rise.

Isn't it amazing?? It doesn't do it justice as the colors are so radiant.

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