Thursday, October 17, 2013

You think I am crazy now......just wait until January (insert cynical laugh here) hehe

Well it is official...... I start school in January!!!! EEEEEKKKKKKK

I am also going to be put on the list to interview for the Probation office for the internship!!! Woohooo!!

Now here is where the crazy part kicks in, not only will I still work my current full time job, also go to school full time, and do the internship (if I am accepted, keep fingers and toes crossed)!! Yup I hopped aboard that crazy train and I am going to ride that bitch all the way to the end!

The only reason I know I can do this is because of the the support group that I have backing me. Jeremiah my main man is the one who supports me the most especially now that he will have to pick up the slack. Then there are my Regional 7 co-workers who are always pushing me (Julie B) to finish schooling while I have the chance too. They also accommodate to my stress level (when I am loosing my mind looking like a lunatic, they give me a break). My friends are my main cheerleaders telling me to keep going because the reward is great at the end. Especially my friend Kristin V, she has been the one to encourage me to continue and knock it out now. My bestie Jamie has always been there for me during the crazy times and is always willing to take the kids for the night when I am drowning in school work and paper deadlines. But my main reason for doing all this craziness, are my children. They are the ones who I am truly doing it for. I want them to have a better life than myself and their fathers. I want them to know that they need an education and a career to make it in life. When they complain about school I remind them that I graduated with my bachelors at the age of 31 when I really should have graduated with that at 22.

I will push my children and people can say what they want about how most who do have an education still don't have jobs. In my opinion what I have noticed are those who do have an education background and can't find a job in their field within reasonable driving distance are confided and can't fulfill their dreams. You have to be willing to make the sacrifice to move to another location, but most aren't able due to certain circumstances. For instance if you own a home you'd have to sell it before moving, you'd have to have the job before moving, and you'd have to have another place to live once you reach your destination. These are the reasons that I explain to my children the importance of going to school, finishing, and obtaining a career before it's too late. I tell them the importance of not having children too early (like me) because it puts you in a position (like me) and you just feel stuck.

I however don't have the ability to just up and move. I have restraints on being able to do so, I couldn't (as much as I can't stand the other parent) just up and take my kids away from all that they have known. Don't get me wrong Jeremiah and I have plans to leave state in the future but it just isn't a viable option right now(or in the next 10 years). Most are in the same position as I am. Some have other obligations. However if you don't have obligation than you should be willing to do just about anything (short of selling your soul) to land that dream job even if it means moving across country.

So here is my fair warning. If you see me walking down the middle of the street in my pjs holding my school books ranting about deadlines please bring me to my rightful home and put a straight jacket on me lol.

~Peace Out~

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