Tuesday, October 1, 2013

He's gone like a bird in the sky

It takes him leaving for me to realize hoe much I rely/depend on him. The troubling part is I don't know if it is a bad or good thing....................

He does more for our famy than I realized. He makes me eggs every morning, makes sure we have enough milk for the next day. If I run out if bread he goes and gets it for me, as well as yogarts, and Monsters. Yesterday was rough. We have spent time without each other when I go to NY or VA to visit but this is the first time he's left me.

It hadn't been 24 he's since he left and I was depressed and couldn't stop thinking of him. I am thinking of this in a positive way. Now I know how it feels to be left behind. I know we are meant to be when we miss each other when one is away. 

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