Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Best Holiday Season Ever

This was the best holiday season that we have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been in the Christmas Spirit since the beginning of December. Which is extremely unusual. I usually dread the holidays because that means I have to go shopping with all these crazy people. I have tried the save through out the year and then things come up and I have to use that money. This year was different and I am not sure why I set up everything. Tomorrow will be spent taking everything down.

For Thanksgiving we went to the grandmothers and it was great to be around family. Christmas Eve we went to our annual Christmas eve party at our friends house to do the present swap and both kids participated in and they both got great gifts. Its great hanging out with our friends especially during the holiday. The Veneziano/Fotiathis always invite us to their gatherings regardless if it is a family gathering or a friends gathering. Today for Christmas we went to the Brady's because this was the first Christmas that we didn't plan to go anywhere or do anything, they graciously invited us to join them. At first we were a little unsure since we didn't know if we were going to the grandmothers again but didn't hear anything so we took them on their offer.

They had all the fixings and it was delicious. I tried 2 new treats that I have never had, tried my second wine that I actually like, and got to hear and throw out some dirty talk. I enjoy hanging with the Brady/Vold's because they always treat us more than just friends. They made sure we had everything for the wedding, took care of all the food, and just helped to make it a special day. Love my borrowed family!!!

 It was different to go to our borrowed families house instead of having it at our families house or going to my families house. It was such a great time to hang out with friends and hear them reminisce about their old school days. It reminded me of being home with my family in NY listening to them talk about their old days, or listening to my younger siblings talk about their childhood. This is the first time that I wasn't homesick for the holidays. It seems odd sometimes to me that I still get homesick when as of January 19th I will have lived in CT for 12 years. I think having my friends surround me helps with that. I hope that everyone of my friends and family had a great Christmas

One thing for sure is some how I need to find time to make it back home to NNY, to PA, and to VA. I just need to figure out how I plan on doing that while working, going to school, doing the internship, finding time for my family, finding time to hang with friends, and for Jeremiah.

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