Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas spirit

Normally I don't set up the tree until 5 days before Christmas and then take it down Christmas morning after the kids leave to their dads for the holidays. I don't like having the tree up because it clutters the living room. However we decided to set up all the decorations and the tree! I even started Christmas shopping well only for one kid because Logan has decided that he doesn't want any presents at our house but wants the money. This kid loves to hold on to his money, he has no interest of spending his money unless it is to buy football cards once a month and only one pack which cost him about $5. He gets allowance, birthday money, and his Christmas money.....Love that this kid can save his money, I am thinking that we should open him a savings account. Now if I could only get Lexi to do the same it would be perfect. She can't hold money at all, it is as if it burns a hole in her pocket, and when she does spend her money it is on silly things. When I was a kid my mom would give me money and then send me to the store to spend it. To this day each time that I start to save money something comes up, car needs to be fixed, kids field trips, always something.

So now I will need to plan out my Christmas vacation time.

~Happy reading~

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