Thursday, December 5, 2013

Good things come to those who wait

Holy smokes Batman........I got the Federal Probation Internship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After all this waiting......after all the stressing........I finally am getting closer to what I have been striving towards for so long. Its going to be a little crazy for a bit since I will still work full time, go to school full time, now the internship, plus still try to make time for the family. 

I have been trying to keep faith while I wait for the answer. If I didn't get this I was going to be devastated. There are 3 people who I look to for guidance and they are my Aunt Ditto, cousin Jason, and cousin Shane. They are not with us today but their spirit is still with us. My Aunt and I weren't close to the point that we talked all the time or say each other all the time but just before she was taken I had gone home to visit and was at my grammys when she called and we talked for an hour. She asked me about my kids and my life, told me how proud of me she was for the accomplishments I had made, and we had made plans to get together. However that would never happen because soon after she was taken from us. I still look to them for faith and guidance, especially when I feel like I am loosing myself. On my way to the internship interview a few weeks ago I asked for their guidance, asked them to help me calm down, asked them to help get this because I didn't have a plan if I didn't. I guess they heard me and believed in me. 

I don't necessarily believe in God completely but I believe in Karma and Faith. I believe if I keep Faith everything happens for a reason and if I have Karma I believe that I need to do things right or else Karma will come back to me. Jeremiah was the one who got me believing and thinking like this. We have been living by this for quite some time and things seem to always work themselves out.

I am excited to embark on this new journey and conquer it!!!!

~Happy Reading~

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