Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I have been working my butt off.....literally

So I went from Insanity which was extremely Intense to Focus T25.

I got the new workout think that Shaun T has nothing on me...I did 4 rounds of Insanity...each workout 45-60 minutes to Focus which is 25 minute workout....I mean come on how hard could this be.....well I was shown that it is just as difficult as Insanity.

Insanity was intense and some times I would burn out and not have correct form, there were times where I just didn't want to workout, and then there were times that I honestly didn't have the time to workout. See that workout would turn into a 1 1/2 workout because it was about an hour for each session then I would shower after so that ate up a lot of time. With Focus I am able to workout in 25 minutes then shower so I am now looking at about a 50 timeline.

I was working out right after work but now that I am going to be starting school + work + internship it all = to very little time to workout right after work. Originally I was going to workout right before work but most of the time I couldn't get out of bed or I wasn't getting sleep because of the dogs getting up all hours of the night. I realized I have no choice but to get up first thing in the am to workout so I have no excuse to not workout.

One thing that I have noticed is it is much harder to get up than I thought lol but also my body doesn't want to corporate. It is more of a challenge to workout first thing than in the afternoon. My muscles aren't use to being used like that so early in the am. I find I am working twice as hard to get the moves right because the muscles are so tight.

Even though I am working out every day (which I don't make excuses for anymore) I am not always eating clean. There are some days where I will have french fries at work or mozzarella sticks but I am not badgering myself anymore (thanks to my coach). She has taught me that if I eat clean 80% of the month then those days that I end up cheating I don't have to feel guilty anymore. I am worried however that I am going to stress eat once I start school and the internship because that is one of my flaws. I just have to take it one day at a time.

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