Sunday, January 20, 2013

Forgot about blogging

Life has been wonderful lately. School is going well and so is work since dropping the 3rd job. Not sure how or why I thought I could pull all of it off but I did for 4 months. I have a lot to look forward to at the current time, my 6th year anniversary, my only daughter is turning 12, and graduating. I have decided that once I get into probation/parole I will return to school for my masters. I hope that my plans all fall into place when I need it too. I have learned though to plan for the worst instead of stressing out for the worst. This weekend has been jam packed with lots of family time which has been fun because I decided to have none of the kids friends over for once, even though Lexi left to go to a friends house last night, it was still fun for us. This weather has been out of control this year and I am glad that I didn't make the mistake of buying another snowboarding pass. We made that mistake last year and had a crapy season, so it seems that this year is nothing different. I really enjoyed the first year boarding lots of powder! I like boarding on powder then the artificial snow, and I do not like boarding the corduroy because my board slips right from under me when I use my heal edge.
I would love to hit the slopes this year just once but with the weather the way it is that may not happen.
Well goodnight all

~Peace Out~

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