Monday, March 4, 2013

Co-Parenting is one of the hardest things to do

It isn't easy for anyone to have split parenting. 

It is 2x more difficult for a child to have to live between 2 households. Different rules, differently locations, different parenting styles, and when parent's don't get along they are left to suffer.
It isn't easy for anyone especially when the parent's don't get along but one thing I know is when a child is in need both parents are able to put all differences aside and make decisions that are in the best interest of the child. 
That seems to be what is happening now. It has been a long time since both of my kids’ dads and I have been in a relationship and it has been a roller coaster but it hasn't always been bad. Is it odd that I have only wanted to be friends with their fathers? I mean I became friends with them before we dated. Some people call me naive for wanting such things. However the goal is never unattainable.

There are many occasions that their fathers and I get along for the sake of the children and because it is easier to just get along than to fight about so many silly things. 
Don't get me wrong most of the time that we fight is because we believe that what we want for our child is the best decision for the child and no matter what the other says they are always right and this is where we butt heads every time. I just thought about it and I should be grateful that their fathers are very involved in their lives and I should be grateful that they want a relationship with our children, as many other children don't have that ability. I am grateful that they have their fathers, as I never knew mine. Now I am able to speak to him and know who he is but still haven't met him yet but that day is soon to come.

Today Logan's step-mom and I have been communicating more to relay what is going on with him and this med change. She has the experience with these med changes and has seen what her children have gone through. As we were talking she helped me to realize that her and Jeremiah have it rough, as they are the other co-parent who have the short end of the stick and have to endure the other end of the arguments. I can say that even though we don't see eye to eye I am glad that Logan's step-mom is in his life because she could have been the cruel ones who don't like their step-children. 

Both of my kid's dads lucked out with their wives. Lexi's step-mom is amazing as well.  She loves her as if she were her own. Which is very noble of her. In the end I know that we are all doing what is best for Logan and Lexi and both of my children are on the right track.

Well ta-ta for now off to finish getting the kids to bed.
~Peace Out~

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