Thursday, March 7, 2013

Friends that last a life time

High School was one of those times for me where I was friends with many different types of people. I had friends in lower grades, friends in higher grades, friends with the jocks, I was a cheerleader (for one season), friends with some of the geeks, and most of all friends with the bad ass kids. I loved High School I just didn't love the work that came with it.

I loved being able to see everyone and basically grow up with so many people through out the years of school. I still have this one friend who we were in the same classes all through out Elementary school, middle school, and some high school classes. The one class we had the most of was gym class with Mr. Taylor, he would constantly mix Stacey and I up every day and every year. Those were the good old days.

So back to friendships

I have friends whom I am still friends with today even after graduating in 2000 (yup do the math). I have so many friends that I keep in contact with through Facebook or text. There are quite a few friends that I still visit as much as I can. See I cherish friendship and they are the ones that I am forced to depend on when i am faced with tough times. I mean I even moved from NY to CT with my best friend, well he moved here first then I moved here. I have made many new friends while living here.
But the best is the couple that I have been friends with since high school and was there to witness him confessing his love for her for the first time. I was even suspended from school for fighting with this girl because she said I was not a good friend to Liz. However this chic deserved what was coming anyways because she was the girl who thought he shit don't stink and I was the type (still am) that would knock you off your pedestal. They have been together ever since and I had the pleasure to witness them getting married. There are the types of friends who planned their wedding around our vacation to Florida last year. That's true friendship. We lost touch for quite a while when I moved to CT but we are back in touch and I will keep it that way. They just had their 3rd child and I had the privilege to get the message about it along with waking up to a photo of the precious little man. She is such an awesome person that she will send me photos of the kiddos which means the world to me that she thinks of me. It means the world to me that they are going to attempt to make it to my wedding. She would be the one to travel the farthest away with 3 children just to attend and I am beyond grateful. Now that’s a best friend.

I have quite a few best friends all of which I make sure to see as often as I can. They are the ones who love me regardless of how foolish I act in public, how opinionated I am, and know that no matter what I am always truthful with them especially when they are stuck in life. That's a true friend.

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