Thursday, March 21, 2013

My oldest most beautiful princess turns 12!!


I was telling her last night how she started to come into the world. It's funny the things you can remember but you can never describe the pain that you go through. I love telling my kids about how thy came into the world and they love hearing about it.

I found out that I was pregnant with her when we were having a party at the house and I use to be able to drink without any issues well this particular night I took 1 shot and was done for the count. That has never happened. I knew something was wrong so the next morning I went out and took a test and sure enough it says I am going to be a mommy. Now let me stop there for a minute. See at this point in my life I was trying to get into the Navy because it was my ticket out of the dreadful place. All I had left was to take the physical in 2 months and I would be on my way...well that wasn't going to happen now.

I didn't want to be pregnant, I just finished High School and honestly thought I couldn't get pregnant because it wasn't happening in the almost 4 years that I had been with her father. Obviously I was wrong. Aside from telling Lexi's dad that we were going to have a baby I only told my sister. 1 week and I mean exactly 1 week later she comes knocking on my door, I open it to her telling me that she is pregnant too!! SAY WHAT?!?! We bot are pregnant? My first and her 3rd, oh man this is surely going to make our mom flip.

It was cool to be pregnant with my sister. We both liked food, we both liked to eat, and I was able to talk to her about what was happening and she would be able to tell me that it was normal. My mom loved her grandchildren and now that both her daughters were having children meant double the trouble of getting items lol. My mom bought double of everything. It was like we were having twins who were due within 5 days of each other.

Pregnancy.... I hated being pregnant! I didn't like having the cravings, not being able to sleep on my belly, not being able to tie my shoes, and couldn't fit into anything when I was the size of a house. I gained 75 lbs with her.

Now fast forward to my due date which was March 10th no baby....March 15th taking my Road test for my license while having contractions, still no baby.... March 21st go to the doctors to get hooked up for a stress test and what do you know...they say your going to have a baby go right now to the hospital. I leave the doctors office to go home and retrieve the baby bag, go tell Lexi's dad, and attempt to get my mom (she wasn't home), then off to the hospital I go.

Nothing is happening.......still a whole lot of nothing progressing

In NY they didn't have the epidural instead they gave the intrathecal shot that was similar to the epidural except it wasn't continually administering the drug, instead this was a one time shot and it could last anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours. Finally to sleep I go....only to wake up throwing up and broke my water.

They say it's time to push. They say push like you gotta poop. They say concentrate. How the hell do you concentrate with no mediation in your system and you feel like your insides are ripping out? I scream GIVE ME A C-SECTION.. They say NO...Bastards. 1 1/2 hours of pushing and I can't get her out and I am beyond tired, well she's stuck so they cut me and take her out because her heart rate stopped. They get her out and take her away. There was no special moment of her on my chest, there was no special moment of cutting the umbilical cord, not there was shear terror when NICU Doctors come rushing and and she isn't crying. I had seen enough Baby Story on TLC to know that she should be crying....Why isn't she crying I ask. No one will answer me.....Finally she starts whaling. Phew she is okay. She was 11 days late weighing 7 lbs 11 oz my little peanut.

Wow how time flies
From Left to right
She finally cries
Her first picture
At 1 month she ends up in the hospital for Rotovirus
The girls first easter
Lexi at 4 months getting her pictures done.
Center is her school pic from last year.
My mom holding her up to show how long she was lol
Another one of her pictures from when she was 4 months
My older brother meeting her for the first time
Her cousin Vivienne and Heather
Lexi a little over 2 laying with her brother
Lexi holding her brother
And the 2 of them together when she was almost 4 and he was a little over 1

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