Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Time is a ticking

and I am certainly not getting any thinner when I am stuffing my face with chocolate. Damn it!

Where did all my will power go those 4 weeks of lent?

I started Monday in full diet mode and then I go into work today to find out that the students were appreciating the staff with mouth watering desserts. I mean how could I tell those students that I couldn't eat their appreciation? I did what any nice kind hearted teacher's assistant would do, I ate my freaking heart out!!

Then I am kicking myself in the ass afterwards.

But in all seriousness I need to get my ass into gear and lose this freaking weight. I did it before with Insanity when I lost 30 lbs and 4 inches and now I seem to be yo-yoing because of my uncontrollable eating habit.

I need to find my will power again and stick to my 5 lbs a month weight loss. It is doable if I just stick to NOT eating any crap!!

Well on the plus side it seems that my son's father and I were able to settle a new parenting time agreement outside of court for once in 7 year!! Say WHAT?? I know I surely thought it was a dream or Hell was definitely freezing over because this never has happened. All I ever wanted was to be friends without the drama. It is better for the children when everyone can get along. Lexi's dad and I have remained friends over the 12 year separation. Which our daughter will be 12 tomorrow!! 

Wow 12.... I remember at this very moment I was taking a bath because I was so uncomfortable not in pain yet but very uncomfortable. I'll hold all that explaining for tomorrow's blog about the birthday girl who is now a tween.

~Peace Out~

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