Thursday, November 7, 2013

Gammer problems

So yesterday I played Call of Duty:Ghost for the first time and beat it in about 5 hours.
I was not happy about it. I want to put in a lot of woman hours into the campaign. There were way too many stories. If you don't know what I am referring to is, it would go through a clip before you play the mission and as soon as you finish the mission it would play another clip. Some of the missions were very short.

There were some cool missions like you get to use a dog to attack. There were quite a few missions of shooting underwater which you couldn't do before. Some missions seemed too easy, maybe I should change the hardness level from Regular and see how if the missions are more interesting.
There are some cool new modes that I haven't played yet. There is one that seems intriguing, you are now able to create your own squad. I am excited to try all the new mods and unlocking the perks. I am hoping to get Jeremiah to help me out.

Yes I love to play video games! Call of Duty is my favorite. There was one weekend that Jeremiah spent a whole weekend beating God of War. I love that Jeremiah and I will play video game together. That is one of our quality times. I foresee our weekend being spent by playing video games together.

I don't get mad at him for playing video games without me as long as he doesn't beat the game on me lol. The only thing that I do wish we had was another playstation downstairs in the living room so that when he is playing GTA5 I can play Call of Duty instead of waiting for him to get off to play. I hate GTA5 and it has nothing to do with the content it is just stupid in my opinion.

I don't have a single female friend who is into video games like me :(
Scratch that I have this one friend Aly who use to be into video games like me but then she went and had a baby and her gaming life is nonexistent. They all shake their heads at me when I spend my day in sweatpants playing video games. It's like an addiction when I get a game my mission is to spend the day beating it. I am excited for this weekend to have no kids and no plans except to clean the house and play video games.

~Have a great day~

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