Thursday, November 21, 2013

Letter to my husband

Dear Husband of mine,

When we met almost 7 years ago I never thought we would be where we are today a happily married couple. When we first met I wanted nothing to do with you. When the time came you let me in without holding a grudge. That first time we hung out we were all work friends but the way you smiled, laughed, and your eyes just captivated me. I wasn't looking to get into a relationship because my son's father and I were freshly sleeping in separate rooms. I already had enough on my plate but you some how made all that stress dissipate when we were together. You always made me feel like a princess when we were together which I never knew I wanted to be treated like that. You always have a way to lighten my mood and make me laugh. We have had our trials and tribulations and we have always come out on top.
Your a amazing, hardworking, dependable, intelligent man, and a great role model for the kids. You make me laugh all the time, you pick me up when I am down, you are my support beam for every decision made. I know that when I fall and hurt myself I can count on you to make fun of me because at the ripe age of 32 we know that I will continue to hurt myself because its inevitable. I will continue to love you until the end of my days. Your my security when I go to bed and my sunshine when I wake up. Knowing that I have you by my side makes me feel like we can conquer whatever life has in-store for us.

You are my everything.

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