Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Shenanigans

This was the first time that I handed out candy instead of taking the kids trick-or-treating in over 12 years.

I had my daughter at a young age and couldn't afford to buy candy to give away for free. Then as she got older I took her out to get candy (of coarse I ate most of it lol). Then when my son was born I was taking 2 kids out (of coarse more candy for me).  Now fast forward to 2013 and I was gearing up to take the plunge of this new adventure.

Now that Lexi is older she is now venturing away and going with friends more and more. I never was allowed to do 98% of the stuff that she is allowed to do now. I was a very sheltered child, I walked to school and home and that was about it. I wasn't allowed to walk more than a block away from the house when I was her age. So this Halloween she went off with her friends and it was a bitter sweet moment for me. Jeremiah took Logan the Roman Gladiator to fight for his candy.

Now for my excitement.
I had my first guest and I was more excited to partake in this tradition than ever before. Then I started to notice my house was being passed up and that saddened me. Then I realized as my house is set back in from the road a little most people miss the house before they realize it.

A light bulb moment

I'll use Jeremiah's flood lights to light up the porch as an SOS please come and take this 10 lbs of candy off my hands. It worked for a whole 2 seconds as I couldn't get the stand to work and the lights to light. Good thing our friends the Mow's show up to help out this work light inclined person. As they show and help all seems to be perfect again....................for about 15 seconds........

As we congregate on the porch I smell a burning stench and thing to myself that it has to be the lights......but the smell is getting worse and worse and Duke comes running onto the porch drooling and brought the most retched stench with him........Fudge he just got sprayed!!!!!!!! Damn it!!

We run into the house and shut the dog outside. Damn it what are we going to do now?????

Well the only viable option is to wash Duke (of coarse this isn't my thought because all has gone to shit and I can't think because I have never been in this predicament before, good thing the Mow's know a thing or 2 haha) so we bring the soap and water outside and proceed to wash him.... all the mean while people are gaging over the stench and trick-or-treaters are now passing up the house, while watching, with the flood lights projecting the us on display.... and now we become the laughing stock for the entire neighborhood....

So now I get to feel bad because they don't want to leave me because they feel bad for me and now I got to feel horrible as the 4 kids they had with them are missing out on trick-or-treating. Now these are some true friends who put Duke before candy.

Now the deed is finished and off they go so now I believe that Halloween will commence again without issue........nope........ it now starts to rain and not a single soul is on the road.....DAMN IT!!!

I only went through 3/4 of 1 bowl.....was left with a full bowl that is now going straight to my ass. Good thing I will be starting up my diet on Monday.

A unforgettable Halloween