Friday, October 26, 2012

Drugs plaguing the young generation

I don’t understand what is happening.

When I was a child I learned early on the effects of drug use on people. Of course it didn’t stop me from trying things. I knew the risk I was taking in “experimenting” and I knew how wrong it was to do so. I guess everyone has that wonder of what it’s like to try it. Many family members were alcoholics and I have seen things that someone as young as 12 shouldn’t have seen. Of course my older siblings seen more but I knew that the way that others acted on it I wanted no part of. Well that all changed when I was 17. I enjoyed getting drunk with my friends, having parties at my home, and just the way it made me feel all warm and tingly. You have to remember I moved out when I was 16 and never moved back to my mother’s house so I had free reign to do what I wanted without parental control. Now don’t judge because I didn’t turn out bad. I never had an addiction to anything but did at times get out of control with alcohol. I wasn’t the type that would get to the point where I couldn’t remember what happened.

Now what I don’t understand is why are people getting so addicted to prescription drugs?

Now I had said something previous about not judging. I am about to judge and I am going to justify why I am judging those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. What is wrong with you people? Why do you want to have to continue to use a drug just so you don’t have to feel? I am sorry but there is no justification as to why you are addicted to a prescription drug that a physician didn’t prescribe to you. In the town that I live in there are old acquaintances that we know and use to be friends with who are so addicted to pills that you notice how deep they are into the drug. How does it make you feel that you allow a little pill to control your life? There is no reason why you should get so deep that you rob others, loose your children over, or why your lazy ass is setting on your ass doing nothing with your life. Why the hell are these drug dealers living better than me who works their ass off to become something? Why because there is no stopping them or drug cartels. I don’t care how much the Government tries to make We The People believe that they are truly battling this epidemic. Drugs have been around since man has evolved and will continue to be around. Smugglers are getting smarter by the minute and our government can't keep up with it.

I do understand those who had surgery and did become hooked on the drug but again there is no reason to continue using well after the surgery UNLESS you are in chronic pain. There are those people who have become dependent on it but there is a difference between being in pain and being dependent on something that drowned out feelings. Now I don't feel that I am better than the next person but I am most certainly better than those addicted to drugs.

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