Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Today is Halloween and many birthday's around the world. My little sister's birthday is today as well.
I enjoy Halloween because it brings joy to me to see the look on my kids faces when they have learned that the parent use the children to get free candy. bahahaha

When we took the kids to Trunk or Treat we told them that we added a parent tax, gas tax, and stand in a long line tax. They didn't seem to find this funny. My oldest is getting older and becoming more independent.. Yay for me!!

In all seriousness I can't wait to send her off to college. One less child in the house and more mommy time! People say "that's what you say now, just wait until they are gone you'll miss them." Of coarse I will miss them, I'll miss having someone around to do the dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, and their own laundry. I won't miss the constant arguing between sibling and parent, complaining of having to clean their rooms, complaining that they don't like what is for dinner, oh and my favorite how there is nothing to snack on when clearly there are snacks.

See I did it all wrong, I had kids before I had me time. But is it truly wrong? My kids will be out of the house in less than 10 years while most are just having children or have 16 years to go. I see it as being in my prime when they will be out. Are you considered too old to play beer pong when your 42?

I like to have fun (all the time) but I don't like going out to bars to get smashed. I would rather be at my house having friends over, that to me is fun. The only benefit of having 2 baby daddies is that both of my kids leave to their dads on the same weekend, so every other weekend I get my mommy time. I don't have family here so that means no sitter. So my party time is when they are gone. See that to me is what makes me a good mom. I don't drink or make plans when I have my kids. Now I am not judging those who don't have the benefits that I do. Everyone needs "me" time but it is how often and how you do it. I don't like hearing about those who go out drinking every weekend while they aren't spending any time with their children, those are the bad parents to me.

So now today is Halloween and many little critters will be roaming the streets getting cavities for their dentist and sugar high's for the parents. Please teach your children to be safe during this happy time and enjoy your Candy Tax!!
                                           ~Peace Out~

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