Friday, October 19, 2012

Stupid Dieting

I have been back and forth with dieting for a few years now. It works don't get me wrong but hot damn today at work all I have had shoved in my face is nothing but sweets!
Okay lets be honest I do like to diet and workout. I love how I feel after my workouts (Insane with Insanity). The one thing that I noticed is how my body responds to exercise, after a day or two I start to see results in the mirror and on the scale. My biggest downfall is myself, I am the reason why I fall off the workout wagon, then I begin a downward tumble until I hit the bottom and realized Shoot I have lost everything I worked for. I wasn't able to workout for a few months and that was justified by simply not having time however it didn't justify having a whole bag of Reeses Peanut Buttercups to my entire face!
One thing that I did notice after my first round of Insanity was the strict diet I put myself on worked too well. I restricted my carb and sugar intake, portioned my food, and substituted snack for water and Monsters. Well as it seemed that once I fell off the wagon and disregarded my diet I couldn't eat out of that diet, it made me so sick. I still can't have too much wheat, carb, and sugar so I have self diagnosed myself with a gluten intolerance. 
Insanity works for those who can handle it. I will stand by it as I lost 30lbs, 4 inches, and dropped 2 pants sizes ;'). And that was just the first round that I did. Since I haven't worked out in a few months I gained back 5 lbs and my not so loving love handles are back full force I have gone back to working out. I have made it my mission to not make excuses as to why my lazy butt can't workout that day!

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