Monday, October 29, 2012

My cuddle buddy

<p>Well we officially lost power at 5:30 pm. It stinks but we are safe. Good luck to everyone who is effects by this Hurricane Sandy. May you stay safe.</p>
<p>I don't like being in this state of craziness. I have become so accustomed to technology that even right how I have been hooked on Facebook catching any action or info that give me an insight as to what is happening. I blame society and myself for this. We have become dependent on this technology that many "freak out" because it means out of power and uncertainty of what's going to happen. I realize those before us didn't have power and they seem to have adapted  to that just fine. They knew how to survive regardless of technology or not, because if they hadn't we wouldn't be here. Right?
This power outage causes us to remain in one room and converse with one another. It also means more cuddle time with my cuddle buddy. After 6 years we still cuddle every night. It is so bad that we search out one another to touch (non sexual people), usually our legs are touching. Its a cool feeling knowing that I found my one and only. It took moving to CTand having 2 kids to find him. 4-Ever & Always

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