Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Fun day

I like Sunday's because that means laundry....... yes poor sarcasm.  hahaha

Really I do like Sunday's because it is my relaxation day. I may be doing laundry from wake up to bed time and despise having to fold the laundry and tell Logan a 1000 times to take care of his clothes correctly and have to make sure that I watch him do it or else all those clean clothes miraculously end up back into the dirty laundry. He will try to convince me that his basket that is full 3 days later is full of dirty clothes that he has worn, and me being the investigator just tip the basket over and see neatly folded clothes sitting on the bottom. His reaction "What?" This boy drives me bonkers. 

So my typical Sunday consist of cleaning, laundry, homework, yelling, oh and now I will add blogging to that list lol. I really like blogging and any help that I need I have a blogging guru to turn to for help.

The one thing that you may have noticed that doesn't happen on Sunday's is football. We are not football fanatics in this household. My son is and will watch it when the stupid Cowgirls play. Yes even though we aren't into football doesn't mean I still can't talk s**t. I have gone to a live NFL football game when the Cowboy's played the Giants and that was cool but I don't understand why people make it a priority in their life to watch every game their team plays. I guess I can relate because I make sure to watch my favorite TV shows when they come on. For instance we have spend our past two weekends catching up on the Sons of Anarchy show. 

Well today will be a short to eat breakfast!!

Enjoy your Sunday!

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