Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today marks a special day

It is my son's 9th birthday! 
His first picture

I still remember the day he was born. I had to be induced because like my first he was late and I wasn't going to go over like I did with my first. 

So that morning 10/20/03 I went into the hospital nice and early to begin the Pitocin. I was still pregnant and I was forced not to eat so when 12pm comes around I am starving. I was so uncomfortable in the first place because I gained 80lbs during the pregnancy so as big as I was it was difficult to move around in the hospital bed. They broke my water which was the weirdest thing to experience because it felt like I was peeing myself constantly. Which I most certainly could have since I had the epidural and couldn't feel anything. When you know it's time to push it's time to push and I knew because I started crying and the nurse comes in to tell me that there was no way I was ready to push yet, well I had news for her as I started to push because it's a natural instinct. My doctor was in the middle of another delivery when I began pushing but there was no turning back. With 3 pushes my little guy was out. Now this is where the happy moment turns to another scariest point in my life. My first child gave me a huge scare as she wasn't breathing but that is a story for another time.
Back to the birth of my one and only son.. I began hemorrhaging and Logan had several doctors around him as he came out and was loosing heat quickly. They placed him under these blue lights naked and while I am watching this I can't help but be dramatic and think that I was going to die before I held my son. The doctor begins working on me trying to control the bleeding, he has a nurse rush to get some medication with a huge needle, once she comes back he stabs me in the thigh. Thank goodness I couldn't feel it or else I would have slapped him lol. After a few more minutes the doctor finally has me under control however for Logan he still wasn't out of the woodwork. After 3 hours of being out of the womb I still hadn't held my only son, I begged to hold him and feed him as he hasn't had any food from me and I haven't been able to give him any formula. The Doctors agreed to let me hold him and feed him but they had to wrap him in 3 blankets and put a cute little blue hat on him and I got to feed him with one of the hospital bottles, but shortly after that I had to put him back under the lights for another hour. Finally I am now able to enjoy my little bundle of joy but that was short lived yet again because he began vomiting all of the formula that he was being given. All night long he projectile vomited all over the bed. I had to ask the nurses every 2 hours to bring me new bedding as well as new clothing for Logan. The next morning the doctor diagnoses him with a milk allergy and switches his formula. Lexi was finally able to meet her little brother at 1 day old, she couldn't help but smile nonstop. The first night home was the hardest because I spent 3 days in the hospital up nonstop with a crying and puking baby and I just needed sleep but Logan wouldn't let that happen. It didn't matter if his father was up with him he could wake the neighborhood. 

His first birthday

Now fast forward 9 years later. Wow my youngest is 9. This boy has given me a run for my money for 9 years and I expect another 9 years of him giving me a run for my money. I wouldn't change anything with my 2 most wonderful children. 

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