Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sleepless night due to hurricane

One thing that I dislike about storms is losing power. We lost power yesterday at 5:30 pm until 4 am this morning. I don't care about not having television but I care about not having fans. See my cuddle buddy sweats a lot and it doesn't matter if it is dead of winter. So I have become accustom to having two fans on at night. We have one by the window to pull in the cool air and one at our feet to keep us cool. It was so quiet last night that I could hear everything outside moving around. My mind starts running and I can't sleep. It was peaceful last night when the storm from the hurricane passed, it was a full moon, the clouds were moving so quick, and it was unexpectedly warm. It was pretty neat to see. Now I am barley able to concentrate on what I am doing. So it looks like early bed for me. I will attempt to try to stay awake for Sons of Anarchy because I am addicted to this show. It has gotten serious to the point that I dream about it.

Well its another short one so
                                             ~ Peace Out~

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