Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bullying is a need for concern
Today at work majority of the students had to watch a segment from 48 hours.
Back in my day... wow did I really just say that.. I remember when my grammy use to say that lol.
When I went to school it wasn't like that. Yeah you got picked on but never to the point that you would tell people that they should just die or go kill yourself. It was sad to see that these young children were being treated with such cruelty. How is this generation being raised? I will be damned if either of my children are bullying another kid. I believe one problem lies with the School. It begins at school and because if a child tells on another it makes it worse. How are our children being protected against this? That lies with the Parents. If the Parents are not properly teaching their children how to respect other people and their feelings. As my mother always said "If you have nothing nice to say then don't say anything at all." Who the hell do these children think they are? Telling other's that they're ugly, fat, skank, go kill yourself. There are far too many children who are committing suicide from the affects of the bullying.
What can we do to stop this? Rally against bullying! If your child is seeing someone else bully then report if nothing changes Report it to the News. There is so much that can be done to stop this. If the school is doing nothing to fix this begin a Parent Tree and get other parents on board. If that doesn't bring attention then begin a picket make notice to it. NO ONE should be afraid to report bullying!!!! Hate is too crude, I know that there will always be hate, love, and everything in between. No one likes to feel alone, and if your friends make you feel that way then they weren't your true friends after all.

It all begins with a united front!!


  1. I agree that bullying has reached a whole new level from when we were kids and it needs to be dealt with but I have to flip the coin and say that I hope my son experiences a certain level of NORMAL child banter or what WE know as bullying from when we were kids. "light bullying" if you will. My son needs to learn that not everything is going to go his way, that not everyone is going to like him, that he's not entitled to everything, and that he's not the center of the universe (like he is at home lol) and I think that's where regular good old fashion horseplay and teasing amongst kids is healthy. But this craziness that goes on the last 5 years? Hell no!

  2. Exactly! There is no way to be friends with everyone and agree on everything. However there is a difference between teasing and straight up cruelty such as telling others "I hope you dies," "why don't you go kill yourself," "no one likes you" things like that is no longer teasing. Thanks for the comment too!!