Thursday, November 1, 2012

Grammy is on my mind

I love my grammy more than any other person in my family (except my family in my own home). My grammy has never judged me or my actions, always backs my decisions, and is understanding with my life choices. I love listening to my grammy's stories, they always make me laugh. It was hard moving from NY to CT and not see her anymore, but when I go up I make it a point to see her when I get into town. I always call before I leave CT and when I arrived in town. Not sure what I am going to do when she leaves this plain and moves on to the next.........
When I was 15 and my mother had her first heart attack I had to stay with my grammy for 2 weeks until my mom could come home. That was a difficult time for everyone. My gram has been through a lot, she's had to bury a daughter, 2 grandsons, a nephew, and a sister (probably more but that is what I have known of). I couldn't imagine burying my own child, it was hard for me to see it unfold, and it is still hard for my gram to talk about. I miss her, I really do, it's hard when I don't live there but I always know she's only a phone call away. 
This all was brought on when I went grocery shopping today. When leaving I was pushing the cart to the car (here in CT they call them carriages, that's for another day lol) and this little old lady say "oh my your going to share all of this with me?" she chuckles, and it makes me laugh and smile, but her daughter says "Come on mom I don't have all night." Made me upset and think about my grammy. 

These pictures are the most recent and from my niece's wedding. I am thinking that I need to make it to NY soon.

                                                                                                                                 ~Peace out~

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