Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trunk or Treat?

All I have heard about is the possibility of a hurricane named Sandy paying us a visit. Now last year we were hit with a snow storm so bad that it knocked out the entire state for several days to over a week in some parts. Then Halloween was canceled. I know how do you cancel Halloween simple it was postponed for the following weekend. Now here's the absurd part of it all...... they had people Trunk or Treating!! What the hell is that?!?! It means we go to a designated spot with our children in tow all dressed up and go from one vehicle to another collecting treats. Does anyone else see an issue here???? Well let me enlighten you why I find a problem with this.

Here goes.....
Why the hell are we taking our children to a person's vehicle to get treats? Regardless that it is for Halloween. We as parents teach our children not to go with strangers even if they offer us candy but yet we are taking them to collect candy. Anyone else see an issue?

Well maybe it's because I am neurotic or the fact that I was almost taken not once but twice. True story. The first time was in Florida and I was 5. Now my mom had this thing about packing up on a whim and just moving to Fl. This particular time she did it with just me and left my older siblings behind. My mom worked for a arcade/bar and had a friend who would come and get me from school if my mom couldn't. Well this one particular time both my mother and my sitter weren't there so I waited out front of the school on the curb. This woman pulls up in a silver car and tells me that my mom had sent her and for some reason I knew she was lying because I never seen her before. She started to get out of her car I got up and went screaming into the school yard and ran around back, crying and hoping she wouldn't find me. I mean there weren't many places to hide but I was 5. After what seemed like forever I heard my mom yelling my name and I came out running and crying some more and told her what happened. Now you would think I learned from that right??? Wrong!
The second time I was 9 and lived in NNY in an apartment complex called Ontario Village and I loved it there, I had friends, a yard to play in, and just seemed safe. Well one summer day I am outside alone just playing in the community yard when a older man approaches me and begins talking to me as if he has known me forever. He goes on to tell me how he has candy and a new puppy, my eyes get all starry with excitement. I mean CANDY + PUPPY who wouldn't resist? I felt safe, how could something happen to me in my own area? Well I began walking away and I am half way there when my mother comes out screaming at me to get away from him and get my ass in the house.  Boy did I get in trouble.
After that I learned bad people can be your next door neighbor. Please make your children understand the dangers and the difference between accepting candy when a parent is present versus when one is not.


  1. They've actually been doing "trunk or treat" since I was little only the middle school used to host it and it was a much smaller get together with the school parents and kids. I think trick or treating in general may send mixed signals to our kids so it's up to us as parents to teach our kids the difference. I think the trunk or treat is a safer envirement than going door to door to be honest! Back in my day (dear god did I just say that?) we went off trick or treating alone! No parent needed.... These days that wouldn't fly.

    1. I had never heard of such a thing until last year when the storm came through. I wouldn't let either of mine go alone without someone present.