Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bathroom situation

What do you do when there are only 3 stalls and the one on the right is used what is your choice? Do you use the middle or go to the open one on the left and leave the middle one open between?

It’s the constant toilet struggle

I have watched Guy Code and they did this one skit about the choice of urinals. Since then I have been noticing that when there are 3 stalls the middle one is the last choice. For me when I need to tinkle I don't care which stall is open I need to use it.

I don't understand what the issue is...I mean we are all the same and we all excrete the same way so why is it so weird?

Well there are times where it is all quiet and I have to poop and I can only wonder what the next person is thinking as they are hearing me.

I find it amusing when I use a public restroom so many little delinquents writing on the walls within the stalls. I choose that as my reading material when I need to use the restroom.

I remember being one of those delinquents and writing I <3 someone however now I realize how stupid that was since no one knows who wrote it and that person who I <3'ed at that time would never see it in the first place, but the other little girls would spread the rumor that someone wrote about them. Shoot now a days you can take a picture of it and show it to the person being talked about in the stall lol. The usage of technology!

Even though I said I will use a public restroom when I've gotta go, well if there is no clean toilets then I will do the pee pee dance and layer the toilet if I have to sit or do the hover. You know when you do a squat and hold yourself up above the toilet so nothing touches. That is one thing I can do well lol.

I am not a germaphobe however I make it my goal to not touch anything; for instance I flush the toilet with my foot as that handle grosses me out and when I wash my hands I do not touch the door handle! Ugh

Another thing I love is using the restroom when someone else is having a conversation. One time someone was on the phone while others are using the restroom. Have you ever done that in a public restroom? I have used the restroom at home while on the phone but that's about it. I have however held conversations in the restroom with my restroom buddy. You know when you and your girlfriends are; out you have restroom buddies. Never go alone!!

One thing that I have found myself doing is if there is when you have those huge restroom that have like 20 toilets I will go as far away as possible. Not too sure why though.
So next time you use a public restroom think about your choice in stall lol.

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