Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bright sky chases away dark clouds

I am glad that Christmas is over. Yesterday I was a wreck. Let me paint a picture of how I was looking lol.
You know those chic flicks where you see the girl in front of the television crying and eating ice cream? Yea that was me.
Even after Jeremiah realized there was something wrong with me I couldn't stop crying.
Here's another example of how much of a train wreck I was... I looked at the sun set last night and started crying.
So see how emotional I was yesterday?
The best part is Jeremiah has been making fun of me ever since. You would think that would upset me but it doesn't it actually makes me laugh. It isn't healthy if you can't laugh at yourself.
For instance today I slept until 9:40 and began my morning and when I said I've only been up for 40  minutes Jeremiah laughs at me and I explain how I needed the sleep after the train wreck of a day, so Jeremiah says "yesterday wasn't the train wreck you were!" So I begin laughing about it.
Laughter makes everything better.
Today is a much better day, I don't feel depressed and I'm not looking at something and just start crying.

So today I will workout........and that is about it on my agenda.

Have a good day.

Thank goodness Christmas is over.

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