Friday, December 14, 2012

Sadness darkens today

It is getting harder and harder to go on Facebook or watch the news. This happened 45 minutes from where I live and when I first heard it I didn't believe it until I stated seeing people circling around the television in the teachers lounge at work.

My heart is heavy

I am at a loss for word.
I mean how can someone go into an Elementary school and kill young kids?!?
Before Fucking Christmas?!?!
Fuck this is so sick and twisted!!

I don't care how hard you think your life is there is nothing that is going on in your life that gives anyone the right to harm young innocent children!!

Yet there are children who will not be able to see tomorrow, say I love you to their parents and families, grow up to be successful. This has nothing to do with gun control laws! This has to do with the sick individuals who use a weapon to get their point across.

We have been at war with Drugs, have we won? Are the pharmaceutical companies making it easier to obtain drugs? Think about this has the government been successful? NO instead they cut health insurance so that these sickos cant get the help they need even if they needed it.

Guns are not the issue, and if your claim is that if the laws were stricter then people wouldn't be able to kill people with a gun, your wrong.

Our government has made drugs and guns available secretly so both drugs and guns will continue to be around.
I am not forcing my opinions however I will be in probation/parole and I will feel much safer knowing that if I put someone away and they decided to cast revenge I will have something to protect myself with.

Think about this if those teachers were allowed to have a gun someone could have killed him before he caused more destruction.

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