Friday, December 28, 2012

Another day in paradise

Another day off and all alone!
I have been off since last friday...not by my choice but this vacation has been full of relaxation and doing the much needed cleaning around the house. I have not worked out once this week :( I had every intention to workout but that was thrown out the window. The good thing was the only day that I cheated was christmas which I had ice cream and candy. I had every intention of working out but laziness got in the way and I took full advantage of no kids, no work, and no working out. I have hardly watched any television. I spent my days listening to music and cleaning, today was spent working on my blog.
Now I am lounging around today waiting to go visit a friend. The one thing that I like the most is chilling in my pj pants.

Well time to go lounge around on the couch.

~Peace out~

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