Wednesday, December 19, 2012

True definition of insanity

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results -Albert Einstein

I have come to learn the error of my ways in believing that I can change people and situations to what I believe is correct. It took me a long time to figure that out. I have been working on understanding that when things change I have to accept that change and stop analyzing what the outcome is going to be. That is my constant struggle.

With Jeremiah he calls me out on my constant need to control EVERYTHING! He is good at telling me that when a situation is out of my control that I can't change it nor can I change the outcome.

I tend to dwell on the negative when things happen that are out of my control. I tend to plan for the worst scenario just so that I know what to expect and have planed my nect move. A little neurotic I know but the way I see it is I have already expected the worst outcome and have planned how to fix it if it goes that route. I do not like the unknown.

It seems contradicting when I say I like change but I only like change if I am in control of it.

All of my life I said I would never get married. I didn't marry my daughter's father who I spent 5 years with, I didn't marry my son's father who I spent 4 1/2 years with, but I am going to marry Jeremiah whom I have spent 6 years with. I know it seems odd but with Jeremiah he is my one and only. 6 years and there is nothing that has come between us.

So Saturday I went to a Buddhist Temple and it was interesting. It was hard to enjoy what was going on because they discussed the incident that happened on Friday with Newtown.  It is horrible to think that one person could harm so many young children. I had to stay off Facebook because way to many people voiced their opinions on what needs to change. Don't get me wrong this is horrific however pointing the finger is not going to help.

Gun control is not going to help, reforming the health program is not going to help, keeping your kids home from school is not going to help, what would help is if Congress and the President were to take a paycut for one year and place metal detectors in all schools with security officers as well it would help to eliminate those entering into schools with weapons.

Those in Congress and President do not send their children to inner schools no instead they send their children to schools that have metal detectors and security. If they can have the luxuary to do so then we as regular citizens should have the same opportunity.

It is frustrating that so many people on Facebook have been personalizing the situation. There is no reason for people who were not truely effected by this tradegy to keep thier children out of school today. Don't get me wrong everyone is effected by this but to say "I am afraid to send my children to school tomorrow, or I am affraid for my childrens safety at school." I understand how this is effecting people and their thoughts but to refuse your child their education for an incident that did not truely effect them is a little overboard.

I have read on Facebook that teachers should be armed and trained, I think it is a wonderful idea but instead of lethal weapons I believe that they should be armed with Tasers. I don't beleive that it would be safe to have teachers armed as there may come a situation that will arrise when a student attemps to take the gun from the teacher.

Regardless how they handle it gun control is not the option in my opinion.

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