Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cars cars cars

Cars I swear are a huge money pit. First you pay taxes in the car when you purchase it, then pay yearly taxes on it, then pay the maintenance for the up keep. I love my car but what I don't like is the maintenance to keep her pretty.
My very first owned car is a Subaru and I love it. For the most part she has been faithful to me. I bought her with 50,000 miles and in 3 years I have put 75,000 miles on it. The major issue I have had is I blew a valve seal which I brought it to Subaru and paid a ridiculous pro e to get it fixed. Then when I get it home after they fixed that there is a rip in my cv shaft boot which was throwing gear oil all over the place. I just go those fixed but now there are other things that need to be fixed. I know it comes with owning a car but I still don't have to like it.
I remember getting ready to make a decisions on what type of car that I wanted and my price range. I choose the Subaru because it is an all wheel drive and I needed that since I live in New England, something reliable, and still sporty looking. I was organilly looking for a Jeep but didn't find something in my price range. I was driving around town and stumbled upon the Subaru. At this point I had almost given up on trying to find a new car and then BAM there she was. Oh she was pretty, it was like Destiny. When I test drove her I was in my glory. She had every qualification I was looking for and within a week she was mine.

I love my car very dearly and the best part shes mine, no one cosigned for me, and no one helps me pay for it.

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