Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The truth shall set you free

People lie, its what we do, white lies, fat lies, little lies, and those hidden secret lies.
I don't lie about things that have happened in the past or present. What I may lie about is how I am doing; mentally, physically, and emotionally. As it seems others feel that what I have shared and will continue to share my life stories is not the truth. If you were in my past, present, and future our history will be shared. If you don't like what I have had to say about you and the truth of our history then don't read my blog. If you want to continue to read my blog and my history with you and many others then please indulge yourself. I will not change or lie about the truth of our history. If you don't like what you have done in our past that's on you. However just remember your the ones who continuously stalk me and my life with my family and try to use it against us. Its sad that nothing has changed over 6 years and yet you still manage to amaze me with how you go out of your way to watch me as if my life is the Truman Show. And here I thought my page views were going up because other people and yet I guess you are the reason for my jump in page views.

My logic: Can't be popular without HATERS! Bahaha so enjoy the show because I will continue as I please! :p

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