Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today was a great day!
I cooked for 5 and I didn't get up too early to start the day like I usually do every year. I didn't stress out about having it all ready, stressing about having it ready in time, or stress about anything that has to do with the holiday. It was an easy day and everything turned out nice. It was just Jeremiah, myself, Lexi, Logan, and Grandpa Ted. He told us some stories about when he was a child. It reminded me of my Grammy who I spoke to this morning and very much miss her.
I think why I didn't stress out is because I am really looking forward to out Annual Get Together. We started this last year and it turned out fantastic. We didn't have the kids last year for Thanksgiving (they go to their dads every other year) and Christmas (they go to their dads at 10am since I get them Christmas Eve). So since we didn't have a good  holiday and because of the holiday's we don't see many of our friends we decided to have a huge holiday dinner with all of our friends.
We had to move all of our furniture out of our livingroom and rented tables and chairs. I cooked all day and had to make sure we had enough for 43 people, which we did. We had a turkey and a ham, mashed potatoes, candied yams, stuffing, gravy, rolls, corn, cheese, crackers, pepperoni, black olives, celery, pickles, and what everyone else brought. So we were all eating good.
It is hard for us to get together with everyone of our friends, between work, school, and hanging with the kids there's not much time left. During the summer we have parties when the kids are gone for the weekend and most of our friends show up but not everyone all the time. We like to see our friends because it is always a good time when we are all together. Even after 6 years of being together I always hear a new story from when they were growing up, or some crazy situation they got into, or just stupid stuff they did.
I do miss coming home for the holidays but I don't miss the holiday traffic. I do miss all of my families cooking. It is funny how a simple turkey can taste differently when cooked by different people.
Today I am thankful for being able to wake up another day and stuff my face.
I am thankful for my kids, they are wonderful, beautiful, and smart kids.
I am thankful for the man in my life who stands beside me through it all.
I am thankful to have a family to call on.
I am thankful for my friends.
I am most thankful to be alive, have a roof over my head, being able to educate myself, a job, and to be able to be there for other's when they need me.

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