Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gamer Chic

Let me tell you how much I love playing video games..I Love It! I think it is because it helps me to close out all the drama in my life that is usually caused by other people. Just saying.

These are a few of my favorites
Call of Duty
Prince of Persia
Little Big Planet
Plants versus Zombies
Rock Band

I am totally looking forward to playing the new Black Ops!

However I haven't been able to play in a while due to school + work+ kiddos. The coolest thing is when my kids want to play with me. Logan and I get serious into Black Ops Zombies. We aim to dominate. However lately he has been into playing his basketball game and lets face it I hate sports, sports games, and sports on tv.

Lexi and I have gotten back into Rock Band. Which I rock at. Just saying. I remember when our friends would come over and we would have our jam session. Sam Reynolds and I would play forever! When we would have parties Alycen and I would just rock our socks off rather than play beer pong. I know who would rather play Rock Band than beer pong? Well us for instance.

Jeremiah has been going crazy not being able to play video games with his club of a cast. I can't wait to play with him again. His cast comes off next week!! I can only make it to level 27 online but with him as my partner I make it to 30. Jer and I are different in our style of gaming. He likes to play online death match, I refuse to play online unless its him and I defeating juggernauts. See when I play online the vision of the remote flying across the room seems satisfying. I like to campaign and my goal is to beat the game.

Well that's all I've got for now folks! Teacher conferences tonight, I get to hear about how awesome Logan is doing in math. He's the top of his class. Lexi is the one I am concerned about. Ta ta for now!
~Peace Out~

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