Friday, November 9, 2012

Make-up or no make up vs. too young or not

That is the question When is make-up acceptable for young ladies to start wearing it? I grew up in the era where make-up didn't get worn until 15. Of coarse that was the time where you put an outline around your lips after you put your lip stick on. Oh come on there has to be others who remember this. I tried make-up but due to my inexperience I don't know much about it. I can apply mascara, eye liner, and lip stick but that's the extent of it. I don't know how or understand the whole foundation, blending, or blush stuff. So back to the question.. Should a 12 year old begin to apply make-up? My opinion I think I am going to say no. I think she is too young for it and when its time to begin I can only show her what I know. Many will think I am nutz since she has a Facebook and a cell phone but those are utilized for contact only. We have family in other states so that is how she keeps in contact, plus that's how she contacts her friends who don't have cell phones. So many will say that early make-up wearimg = dressing like a hoochie. Many judged me when she had a boyfriend for a few weeks and she made the decision to break up with the boy and the reazon was because she felt she wasn't ready for one. Good for her dight? Well now the boy wont talk to her or even look at her. She feels bad because he really liked her and was crushed. See my reason behimd allowimg her to have that boyfriend was so that she wouldn't go behind my back and have a boyfriend in school. See I go through her phone and Facebook constantly and she is not allowed to delete things unless I have seen it before she deletes it. She is a smart girl and the fact that she knew that she wasn't ready to have a boyfriend, kudos to her. So back to the make-up I don't think she is ready for make-up since she isn't allowed to date until she is 15 so I think no make-up until 15 either. ~Peace Out~

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