Friday, November 30, 2012

Today is another great day :)

I am overjoyed for no reason at all. I think it is the bad luck turning around and going to bother someone else. Things are not completely set but I am realizing that certain things that other people are doing is really none of my concern. I mean ya of coarse it's a bother that baby daddies aren't paying their full amount of child support but you know what? It's on them and they will have to answer to their wrong doings... again. Of coarse it sucks that I'll probably have to go to court again but it is what it is.
So I have been back to working out again. Restarted Insanity again and I am already sleeping better. You know something is wrong when Charlie Sheen is plaguing your sleep with super hero crap. But I am on a mission to loose at least 15 lbs this month. I know it is a lot however the first round of Insanity I did which is a 2 month program I lost 30 lbs and 4 inches! So my thought is if I did it once I can do it again right?? Right!
Every New Years we spend it with one of the sets of best friends. Yes we have a lot of best friends, especially couple best friends. Johnny & Kristin are awesome people who we regularly see and have sleep overs. What don't you still have sleep overs? Well it's fun! Our dogs love each other, let me remind you I have a Mastiff/Shepard mix and they have a Puggle. Don't question it, it works and they get along great hehe.
So back to my mission.. I want to dress up in a burlesque costume and I have a friend making me a top hat Love Her Tutu's. I am excited, so I think if I have a goal plan then I will stick to it.

So back to my rigid diet without straying.
I just recently looked up some tricks to help and one of the ideas is to eat a piece of fruit or veggie before eating. Has anyone heard of this?
The only problem that kills my diet is my mouth and inability to maintain control over my impulsive eating. I can't maintain control when doughnuts are at work, candy in the stores, or my daughter making tastefully red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting mmmmmm.

Well back on track to diet and exercise. I can and will do this...again.. Wish me luck ;)

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