Sunday, November 25, 2012

I dislike the movie theaters

I have had quite a few bad experiences with the movie theater. I was boycotting the movie theater for a long time because of these experiences.
I don't pay a ridiculous amount of money to go see a movie just to hear people talking, kids kicking my seat, or people on their phones. Jeremiah has tried a dozen times to get me to go to the movies and I refuse over and over. Tonight I broke down and brought Lexi to go see Breaking Dawn 2. I know it was such torture for me. YEAH RIGHT!!
Not only have I seen all of the movies now but I also read all of the books when they came out. I love Redbox, it is usually how we watch the "new" movies because I refuse to go to the theater. But I promised Lexi that we would see it when it came out, however I was not seeing it on opening weekend. It is funny watching the movie after reading the books because I can't remember anything from the books. All in all it was great!

One of my favorite places to go to on date night is The Gilson Cafe. It is kid free, great food, and good movies. We love going there when we have the money to go. We use to go once a month but everyone understands what it is like when money is tight. We don't do much anyways and we don't go out to bars or clubs because what is the point of paying more to drink when I can drink comfortably in my own home or someone else's? To me it isn't worth going out to the bar drinking, getting into trouble, and risk driving on the road with drunks? No thanks. We don't drink and drive anyways and we get hassled about it all the time but we have been building our careers and we will do nothing to jeopardize it. Plus it is way cheaper to drink at home anyways.
So the planning of the Gilson is in the works. It is a reasonable price and their food is good. Who could beat dinner and a movie?
~Peace Out~

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