Sunday, November 11, 2012

When to forgive and let live?

I have forgiven many people for their wrong doings but there comes a point where enough is enough and I need to stop trying to forge relationships.

I have no relationship with my mother at this point in time and this is a common occurrence between us. In her eyes I am the rebel, most defiant, and disrespectful of the three kids. Why because I speak my mind? I say what I dislike about other people to them rather than behind their backs? Or is it just because I refuse to let people treat me like I am a piece of poop?

Well today its about friendship.

I have had my ups and downs with my friends, some I hadn't talked to in a while, some I loose touch with, or the others that I dislike their lifestyle choice (no this is nothing to do with gay or bisexual because quite honestly I love them just as much as the next, they don't judge because they know what its like to judge). What I mean by lifestyle choices is what they choose to do for recreational use.

So there comes a point in time where many would say that I need to forgive because it is family and that's what your suppose to do but what about friends? I treasure my friendships and not one friendship have I ruined without reason.

One of my long time friends is Rich but he isn't posted but his daughter is. I have known him since I was 15. We have been through a lot. We use to live together while I was still in high school. We were best friends, we did everything together. He is the reason why I live in CT today. He moved here and it just so happened that I couldn't be without him in my life so I followed him to CT (in a very nonstalkerish way) and have remained here for almost 12 years now and we still are best of friends today.

My friend Jamie that I have been friends with for over 8 years and still talk to on almost a weekly basis. We met because I lived across the street from her. Our daughters are still best friends today. I share everything with her including my poop cycle because that's how good of friends we are bahaha.

I still have friends from high school that I talk to or still see like my friend Liz. I have known her and her husband since high school but have been real friends with since 1999, they had me stand with them when they got married. We try to talk on a bi-weekly basis. Even though there are several states between us it hasn't stopped us from seeing each other.

My one and only black friend Demi lmao. Not sure why I have only one black friend that I talk to on a regular but when I first moved to CT I didn't know very many people but I have known her for 9 years from back in the day D'Angelos. We use to hang out all the time when she lived in Torrington. I remember the day when her mother found a porn video from Demi's brother, I was on the phone with her, the one thing I learned that day was never to cross her mother. Her mom loved me and invoited me to every cookout.
Which also links to my friend Dawn, its a funny on how we found out that we both knew the same person. We were driving and I was telling her about Demi and she says "I know someone named Demi, I said "I am sure its not the same person she's black", she says "So is the one I know" and that is how we found out its the same Demi lmao. Dawn is myself proclaimed financial advisor, therapist, and hair guru. The best quality she has is to tell me when I am in the wrong. When me and Jer have an arguement I call her and explain what is going on and both sides of what is going on, and she will listen to the entire rant and waits for the Green light and then gives it too me without holding back. True friendship right there.

Then there is my friend Traci, we go way back too but lost touch due to some unfortunate circumstances. She is another that I could talk to about anything and she wouldn't judge me or spread my problems around. She is also the author of Nonsense Things. We have recently started to catch up were we left off. Thanks to Facebook it has helped us piece together the missing parts of each other's lives.

My next friend Sam she is so funny. I have known her since our Domino's days. I use to go to her house and visit her and Aiden. I remember the first time my son Logan held a baby and he was in love with Aiden. We lost contact for some time but as faith would have it reconnected again. I still need to go to her house so that I can stalk her more. lol

My friend Amy I met at work and she is the odd ball of the group. Complete opposite from me. Especially in the choice of movies lol. Even though we don't work at the same place and have completely different work schedules we keep in touch. Not as much as we should. We had managed to go to gatherings together so that one wouldn't be without the other. We use to be called the Hazmat Team (for reasons I will not go into).

Steph is another character that is opposite from me..she doesn't eat meat! I mean who doesn't each chemically altered meat lol? Well for her she physically can't eat it or she gets sick. She is the biggest animal lover that I have met. Anything from scaly to fur to water based animals. I met her through work also and we don't keep in touch nearly as much as we should.

My gf Kristin and I have been friends since we met because our boyfriends are best friends and we have been with them the same amount of time. She is the biggest ditz I have ever met (I say it with love). The 2 of us together ='s a effing good time. We use to make it a point to hang out monthly but lately with school and work it hasn't been happening as much.

My friend Ariel is the one who made me stop just talking about snowboarding and get on a board. Man our first time on a board was the most embarrassing thing to witness.We went our first time the day after Christmas when it was icy and try ourselves on the pony (it is this thing that pulls you up the hill) and it ended sadly lmao, she ended up hung up on the cable, it was the funniest thing to see until I tried it. So all those at the resort that day got to have free entertainment presented by us.

Then there is Aly, our daughters are best of friends and have been since the 1st grade. She is a loyal friend that always cam to our house parties and partied it up with me, I still remember that night all though she probably doesn't bahaha. I make it a point to visit butterrolls errr I mean Lilli as much as I can.

Then comes Jeannine who I have known for quite a while because Jer has worked for her husband for quite sometime but more because she helped to teach me to ride a dirt bike, hey I didn't do bad for my first time. But we don't get to see much of each other because she's always doing something.

Then there is Chelsea another one who's boyfriend is best friends with mine. See I have become accustom to becoming good friends with my boyfriends friends girlfriends. She is no exception to the rule. We use to go duck pin bowling every sunday until her horrible luck came a knocking and she got into a car accident which screwed up her neck. We talk monthly and share it all, and I mean all dirty secrets.

Then my last 2 Kristin and Kelly

Kristin I have known just as long as I have known Kelly. See I should point out that Jeremiah is in construction and it so happens that just about all of his friends are too but since he grew up here he knows everyone, and I mean just about everyone. So with Kristin her husband is in construction and that is how I met her. During the spring and summer you would find the majority of us at her house parting it up. Kristin is the funniest person and when she get's drinking make sure you empty your bladder or else you will become the laughing stock because of her.

Kelly is another one I met through Jeremiah's friends. I use to visit with her just about every weekend. I remember the time during poker when she unknowingly gave up her boyfriends hand which resulted in everyone but 1 person folding. She has never lived that down lmao.

It never mattered the age difference between friends but we have managed to remain friend through time and distance.

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