Sunday, November 18, 2012

Culture shock

   Moving to CT was a enormous culture shock

■ Shopping carts called Carriages
■ Subs are called Grinders
■ Liquor stores are called Package Stores
■ NO buying of alcohol after 9 (use to be 8), no buying of alcohol on holidays, no buying of alcohol in convenience stores, and they just allowed alcohol buying on Sunday's but for 11 years that I have been here we couldn't buy on Sundays
■ There is 1 bus company but it doesn't run like NY. In New York they had a public bus that would run on all ends of town to where ever all hours of the day.
■ NO Taxi cabs. Taxi cabs were another thing that I grew up with for as long as I can remember. The Yellow Cab company is one of my finest memories. A few years ago I went to NY without my kids and my sister, my niece and her husband, and myself all took a cab to go out. I couldn't get out of the damn van! I couldn't figure out what was the issue. That was an interesting night lol.
■ Cheese curd is another thing that no one here has ever heard of.
■ Jreck Subs is something that I get every time I go home because there is nothing like it.
■ Oh the mall I have to drive 30 minutes away to go to one.
■ There is nothing like the Thompson Park here
■ This state shuts down for the smallest snow storms. I remember my first month living here they shut the state down for a dusting. In NY you went to school even if we had just gotten 2 feet of snow the previous night.
■ The biggest thing that I can't understand is NO Swimming Pools in Public Schools here. Well In those that I know of. I grew up learning to swim in 4th grade. I remember having to take the swimming text 2x a year. From 4-12 I swam.

There are so many other differences but these are just the few that really had me in complete culture shock.

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